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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

D–is for Draw This

     Once upon a time (at least 2007-2012, but I don't know for sure when it began) there was a blog entitled "Draw This". It was a place where a few people who had an interest in art could share their artistic endeavors, whether painting or drawing or crafting or photography.  "Sticky", "animal", "sharp", "insect", and "bumpy" are just a few of the weekly topics posted by the moderator and left open to interpretation by the artists.

     I'm pretty sure that "insect" was the first topic I posted under.  I shared a photo I took of a baby praying mantis, one of dozens and dozens that had hatched out from our pasture-cut Christmas tree one year after being in our warm living room for the season!

     I finally got up the nerve to post a pencil drawing.

     That whale, and many of the subsequent drawings, were rather coloring book style with their dark outlines and one-tone, if any, shading.  I kept trying, though, and in 2009 I took a drawing class, which helped quite a bit if I do say so!  I never got it posted on the "Draw This" blog, but here's one of the drawings I did for that class.

     Sadly, interest and time to keep up dwindled, so that eventually no one was posting, and finally the entire blog was removed.

     But, in addition to encouraging me to keep working at my hobby, another good thing about that blog was the connections from it.  I feel like I would know Wanda, Priscilla, Rachel and "New York Martha" if I saw them on the street, just from keeping up with their own blogs.  I only wish a few more (Oregon, Minnesota) had kept their blogs going.

     Time will tell if I ever get back to drawing on my own.  Here's hoping!


  1. How fun to find my name on your post as a "blog friend"....yes we are! I love your drawings and hope you will think about maybe joining us at Creative Tuesdays. The badge is on my sidebar.

    Will be leaving for Oregon in a few days, and not taking my computer. I deactivated my fb account today to....will get back to that at another time.

    Keep drawing...they are so good.


  2. Love the little bird! Don't give up on drawing, you've probably inherited your artistic talent from your Mom's side of the family!! Aunt Lela would be so proud :)

  3. I enjoyed that blog too. Even after no one was posting, I used to go back and look at it on occasion. Then one day it was gone.

    Your bird is wonderful! You have shown a lot of growth in your drawing skills.

    I actually deactivated my FB account too. Last Friday. I was spending too much time on it.

  4. Kristina and I once tried to revive Draw This but it didn't take off again and I think she finally deleted it. Too bad.