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Friday, September 04, 2009

The Rest of the Story

I left you hanging with the August 1 post. And now...... I don't even remember what we did the day before. Let me go check the calendar and see what's there.

Oh, of course! That was the day we (as in members of my Relay For Life team) did a traveling bake sale. It was lots of fun! We loaded up all kinds of goodies and took them to a nearby relatively large town, and took them around in baskets or nice containers to several of the local businesses. We had taken a flyer to those places the day before so that employees would know we were going to be there. The owner of one rather large business had told us what time the workers would be having their break, so we could be there at just the right time. The big, frosted cinnamon rolls that Pat made were a big hit there! In a much shorter time than if we had sat at a table in one location, we found buyers for almost all of the baked yummies!

Oh, and as far as my reference to "Squirrel!"--that's what I say now whenever I catch myself abruptly changing my train of thought, sometimes in the middle of a sentence! I stole the idea from the movie Up, in which the focus of the pack of dogs is easily averted by the mention of "Squirrel!"

Next post--more trip pictures........unless I see a squirrel ; )


  1. fun memories, and a great Idea!
    Squirrel!, how is your harvest going?
    Pics of ... ??
    hugs, judi

  2. Squirrel! That is funny. I haven't seen "Up". Heard it is good though.