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Saturday, October 25, 2008

October Orange

It's time for another colorful guessing post!
Don't scroll down too fast while you try to figure out what these are!

What do you think? Were these easier than the red ones?

or the white ones?

Should I make the next ones a bit more tricky?

Are you ready for the answers?

Okay, if you're sure...... here they are!

#1--seasonal decorations

#2--cheesy chicken enchiladas!

#3--Relay For Life luminaria

#4--Billiards anyone?

#5--extension cord

#6--the first afghan I ever crocheted--Granny Squares
Thanks for getting me hooked, Connie!

#7--an August Kansas sunset

#8--some of B's scale model implements


  1. I got most of them, the luminaria was tricky, and scale models got me too but the cheeze chicken inchaladas did me in!

  2. Yeah...those were pretty easy. :-) Those enchiladas looked tasty...think that recipe could be down-sized to one or two servings? :-)

  3. I got em all too...except for the cheesy chicken enchiladas. Steven (my son)used to make those decorative pumpkins when he was younger.
    Great job on the afghan!

  4. very cool! I didn't get them all...

  5. Nice collection of orange pictures.

  6. Nice afghan. I'm working on making one big granny square. I like the colors you choose in the afghan. I loved all your orange things.