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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Seeing Red

It seems that I'm seeing RED everywhere I look! Can you tell what these are?
Answers later!
We really like to see red tomatoes. Have enjoyed some yummy BLTs, and finally got enough ripe at the same time to start some canning. But I haven't had the heart to can this happy little fellow......yet!

Bathtime before being peeled and quartered
Sorry the one picture is sideways. Can't seem to get it straightened out here. : (

Things are starting to get a little hot here.

They've been under a lot of pressure lately!

Cooling down before heading to the pantry.

And now..... the answers you've been waiting for! : )

#1 - asparagus going to seed.... did I fool anyone into thinking it was a tomato?

#2 - a tomato hiding in the vines.

#3 - some of the green peaches from the previous blog starting to turn red. They're not very big at all, but it's the first time the tree has put on any peaches at all.

#4 - a zinnia (I know, not very fair since it was kind of blurry!)

#5 - M.'s '66 Chevy

#6 - Ford tractor

#7 - "Kernel"

#8 - thermometer with a typical reading lately, though certainly not the highest it got!

#9 - votive cups- part of my Americana decor

#10 - Did we used to actually manage without a cell phone?

See you soon, somewhere over the rainbow!

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