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Saturday, August 30, 2008

One of these things is not like the others,.....

.....One of these things just doesn't belong!
Ching was curious when I was trying to get a group photo of my teddy bears.

Some of you will recognize the bear at the front and center--that's Fuzzy of course. He's my original and most loved teddy bear. Grandmother gave him to me when I was young, and he went through good times and bad with me. He even went to college with me. That was a traumatic experience for him, as he was kidnapped!
From my dorm room.
By one of my best friends.
To whom I confided every detail of the ransom notes, because I thought my roommates were the culprits!
Grrr! :-)
She and her boyfriend (later husband) concocted the notes from words and letters that were torn and cut from newspapers and magazines.
I had to leave a pan of brownies at a certain tree at the lake as ransom.
They did return the pan.
I don't remember now if they at least left a brownie for me, or if it was just crumbs.
I think it was just crumbs, and probably a note saying Fuzzy would be returned.
He was.
To my dorm mailbox.
With his legs tied together, and his arms tied behind his back with an athletic shoelace.
with a piece of athletic tape over his mouth!
Fortunately he was unharmed!

One or two years later we (Fuzzy and I) roomed with this friend.
All was well until the evening of the October open house.
I returned to the room, boyfriend was visiting, and there was Fuzzy...
in a pillowcase
hanging from the curtain rod
disguised as a Halloween ghost!

The other bears in the first photo have entered my life sometime since I got married.
Some were gifts,
some might have belonged to my girls,
some are memories of relatives, friends, or trips,
and some I bought because they had such appealing faces.
But Fuzzy is still my favorite!

"Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear,
Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair,
Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn't very fuzzy,
was he?"


  1. In high school some friends had a little bear they carried around. He had many adventure and escapades. His name was Bear, the Bearly Bare Bear. I think he may have been related to Fuzzy Wuzzy.

  2. Maybe that was "Barely Bare".

  3. Very fun story. Poor bear! I like the pic with the cat in it.

  4. Fuzzy Wuzzy's had to bear
    Jolene's problems care by care
    Is it really any wonder then
    Fuzzy Wuzzy has
    NO HAIR ????

  5. Oh my goodness! I have such similar stories from college! My stuffed friend was Theodore-a dog that my father brought to the hospital when Mom gave birth to me in 1966. Theodore went to Potsdam State with me and was also people who dared to call him "Barfdog!!!!" I got ransom notes too.

    Then I was on the opposite end of the fun. We kidnapped Bill's goldfish named Rambo. And then there were the escapades of Superpickle...Bill's stuffed pickle (yes, I'm serious), who wore a cape with S.P. emblazened on it. Superpickle was small enough to ship to other places-like out of state! He was finally returned with stories and photos from his adventures. I wasn't in on that one. I just knew about it.

    This was all fun with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ that I had met in IVCF. Who says you have to drink to have fun in college?

    You would have fit in perfectly with us!!!!

  6. While it MAY be true that there were only crumbs left in the pan, it is CERTAINLY true that they were the most delicious brownies ever--after much sweet anticipation! Remembering and retelling the story over the years has been equally delicious for us! (Seeing your version complete with pictures was the icing on the ca...brownies!)Fuzzy looks just like we remember him and has aged well despite his ordeals. (if only we could all claim the same!)
    -Love, the kidnappers

  7. Tag! You're it. The rules are on my blog.

  8. Such sweet memories. The pie from previous post and Fuzzy.
    T. had Super Ted, now Em has Super Ted and "he" has made a gender transformation and now "she" wears pink dresses.
    Stuffies are so endearing.