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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

It's Still November

Subbing--that's it. I'll blame my blogging absence on the fact that the calls are finally coming in this year. In fact, I've subbed every school day since the 16th, with tomorrow also scheduled. This run has ranged from Kindergarten and 5th grade to junior and/or senior high math, social studies, and "home ec" classes.

Yes, Thanksgiving is over, but awhile back I told a cousin I would post my "greeter". This bird spent most of November on the breezeway, welcoming all who entered our home via the back door. (The way our house is set up, the front door is rarely used by guests.)
We had a nice Thanksgiving dinner with B's sister, then traveled to my mom's home for another dinner on Friday with my side of the family. We have much to be thankful for!


  1. Gobble Gobble - Love your greeter!

    Wow - two Thanksgiving dinner! I'm still recovering from one plus leftovers. Hope Aunt F was doing well - tell her hello from all of us. Sounds (reads) like you've been a busy girl, but lots of variety. Take care!

  2. Subbing every day is so much work! I subbed for a couple of years for K-8th grade and although it was lots of fun, if I had to do it many days in a row, I was so worn out. I hope it slows down a bit for you.