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Sunday, October 28, 2007

S'more Fall Fun

Toasted to perfection!

Do you want s'more?


  1. Yum! Have you ever tried 'em with homemade chocolate chip cookies instead of graham crackers? AMAZING!!! But very, very rich!!! One is more than enough. haha!!

  2. It looks like your marshmallow need to be a bit hotter so your chocolate melts. Smores are sure yummy.

  3. Shelly-I've heard of using Fudge Stripe cookies, but homemade chocolate chip sound great too!

    Tracy-the problem this time was that someone else brought the chocolate, and they brought Huge, Really Thick, Hershey's bars, instead of the "regular" size. I like 'em better when the chocolate melts too.

  4. Mmmmm! My hubby likes them with semisweet chocolate. They are SO yummy!

  5. Okay, who ate all the marshmallows?
    Chocolate and graham crackers, check, .... DAVID, where's the 'mallows? I want one of these!! Such fun.