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Saturday, July 07, 2007

And we're off!

T left on her California FCCLA trip this morning.

K has been home from her summer church camp counseling job since Tuesday (Fourth of July break) and goes back in the morning.

I leave in the morning too--headed for Oklahoma with our church youth group on a service trip with YouthWorks!

B and M will hold down the fort here--finishing up the wheat harvest, putting up hay, etc.

Now why didn't I figure out how simple that making links business was before this?

In case anyone is wondering, I did find that lost to-do list a couple of weeks ago. It was, well, uh, it was in the bathroom closet. (she said peevishly, with a slight hint of red on her face!) Isn't that a perfectly logical place for a list?

Sorry no pictures. Need to finish laundry, paying bills, packing, ............ Will update sometime after the trip.


  1. I seem to remember seeing a YouthWorks sign in front of a 4-plex across the street from us. I don't remember it being up very long but there were a few young folks playing hackey sack in front of the bldg one day.

    I hope all goes well!

  2. The bathroom closet seems a pefectly logical place to find that list. Have a great trip! Now I will check out your YouthWorks link.