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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Fruits and Veggies

Summer must be here. The produce is producing, and the freezer is freezing a new supply of veggies. So far I've put in several bags of asparagus, in addition to enjoying it fresh several times. Probably have a dozen and a half bags of broccoli frozen. And...... we have fresh strawberries! Yummy!!! So far we don't have enough to freeze any, but hopefully there will be. (The birds like the strawberries too. Grrr! But M. and B. put some netting over the patch, so that discourages them some.)

Things are different. Both girls are off to their respective camp jobs. It's different.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Yes, I'm done with school for the year. (well, not LIKELY I'll be called in for the final 1/2 day tomorrow morning) I figure that I averaged two days per week subbing.

So why does the temperature have to change so abruptly to HOT?! Don't know why I said that--cause I like cold even less. Which brings me to....... why do stores, offices, etc. insist on keeping their air conditioners turned down to FREEZING?! Cool is fine, but when you get goose bumps just walking in, that's ridiculous!

K. and her FULL carload of stuff got home Thursday. : )
She leaves tomorrow. : (

T.'s last day of school is tomorrow. : )
She leaves Friday. : (

I'm sure both of them are thinking : ) though, since they're heading for camp and the staff training that precedes it. K. will be working with Nebraska Lutheran Outdoor Ministries as a counselor at Camp Carol Joy Holling, Sullivan Hills Camp, and/or one of 28 day camps. Nebraska Lutheran Outdoor Ministries (then click on "Summer Camp") She'll be with them through July.

T. will be a junior counselor near Junction City (Camp Tomah Shinga) through the 3rd week of June, and maybe one in July, depending on their registration numbers.

I know they'll have great times!

B. and M. are spending lots of hours getting milo, corn, and soybeans in the ground.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Sweetness Times Two

Niece Katie brought her kids up to Karen and Terry's this week. We got to spend some time with them last evening. Elijah is such a little gentleman! His twin sisters are almost 4 months now, and doing great after the hard start they had. These pictures are from when we saw them in Hutch in early April. Katie and Ron--you have a lovely family!

Kelsey and Adalyn

Matthew and Madison
Trina w/Adalyn,Benny w/Madison
Elijah,Karen w/Adalyn,Terry w/Madison

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

DeMoss Relatives

May 8, 2006

Eight of eleven cousins


Taken Christmas 2005
Aunt Lela
You are "one" we will never forget.
Love, Your nieces and nephews

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Another post

It's only been approximately a week since I posted, but it seems a long time, so much has happened and we've covered so many miles.

OH CHEESECAKE! That's what this was supposed to be. Chocolate Caramel Cheesecake at that! Here's a clue--make sure you have all the ingredients, read all the way through the recipe, and have plenty of time so you don't try to hurry things along by trying to cool the crust in the freezer where it will Fall Out All Over the Floor when you go to take it out! (As it turned out, I went to plan B and used store-bought pie crusts, which in turn meant I had to make more filling. At any rate, the ladies at my circle meeting said the final project tasted great!)

Saturday morning, May 8, B, M, T, and I were headed to Hutchinson to visit Mom and enjoy an organ rededication service (which was very nice!) at First Presbyterian on Sunday. Well, on the way to Hutch, Mom called to let us know that Aunt Lela had just died. It was all very sudden.

T. had to be back Monday for school and a track meet, plus we picked up some of K's stuff at Bethany--you know.....a small Christmas tree and decorations, CD player/radio, etc. etc.--and brought it on home Sunday evening.

B, M, and I headed back to Hutch Monday morning. Aunt Lela's memorial service was that afternoon. In addition to other relatives, eight of eleven DeMoss cousins were able to be there! We shared good memories of Aunt Lela! She was quite the world traveler, and always brought souvenirs for her nieces and nephews. Did I mention birthdays? I don't think she Ever forgot to send a birthday card!

It was back home again on Tuesday. Subbed Wed. and Thursday afternoons. Can't do that tomorrow. Have a couple of events coming up on Saturday that I'm Not Ready for yet!!!!! Imagine that!

Check back soon and I'll try to have more photos posted.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

pictures finally

Ok, so it really isn't hard to put pictures on here I guess. Just had to find my way around. I'll start with three pictures of the Easter chicks.

We call this one Chickweed. He was the first or second to hatch, and is definitely bigger than the rest.

This one is named Ducky.

And the final chick picture for this exciting blog entry is of Penguin.

Isn't that what YOU would have named baby CHICKENS? I thought so!