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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

pictures finally

Ok, so it really isn't hard to put pictures on here I guess. Just had to find my way around. I'll start with three pictures of the Easter chicks.

We call this one Chickweed. He was the first or second to hatch, and is definitely bigger than the rest.

This one is named Ducky.

And the final chick picture for this exciting blog entry is of Penguin.

Isn't that what YOU would have named baby CHICKENS? I thought so!


  1. Chickweed's my favorate, but they're all very cute! : )

  2. I mean Chickweed is my favorite - not favorATE! Oops!

  3. Hope you get more comments. Jill and Jason don't get many on their blog.
    Let's see if I can remember my password. Oh, I don't need one - I'm an other.

  4. Penguin's my favorite....what a name! : )

  5. Keep going this could be interesting Terry