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Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Yes, I'm done with school for the year. (well, not LIKELY I'll be called in for the final 1/2 day tomorrow morning) I figure that I averaged two days per week subbing.

So why does the temperature have to change so abruptly to HOT?! Don't know why I said that--cause I like cold even less. Which brings me to....... why do stores, offices, etc. insist on keeping their air conditioners turned down to FREEZING?! Cool is fine, but when you get goose bumps just walking in, that's ridiculous!

K. and her FULL carload of stuff got home Thursday. : )
She leaves tomorrow. : (

T.'s last day of school is tomorrow. : )
She leaves Friday. : (

I'm sure both of them are thinking : ) though, since they're heading for camp and the staff training that precedes it. K. will be working with Nebraska Lutheran Outdoor Ministries as a counselor at Camp Carol Joy Holling, Sullivan Hills Camp, and/or one of 28 day camps. Nebraska Lutheran Outdoor Ministries (then click on "Summer Camp") She'll be with them through July.

T. will be a junior counselor near Junction City (Camp Tomah Shinga) through the 3rd week of June, and maybe one in July, depending on their registration numbers.

I know they'll have great times!

B. and M. are spending lots of hours getting milo, corn, and soybeans in the ground.


  1. I'm pretty sure I'm thinking both : ) AND : (!!

  2. Hi from cousin Lynn. Phil sent me this website. What fun to read and learn a little more about you.