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Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Scribble Picnic–Umbrella

     For this week's Scribble Picnic umbrella theme I thought I would do another pencil drawing.  But after looking at my initial sketch, my mind went back to some children's books with torn paper illustrations.  So, I pulled out a glue stick and my stash of construction paper, and starting literally tearing into it–no scissors allowed!

Linking up with Scribble Picnic again this week. You can check out many other umbrellas here.


  1. this looks like a lot of work but the result is just wonderful. no scissors - that's probably something I would not have done without. wonderful take on the theme.

    have a lovely day.

    p.s., your link at Michael's didn't quite work, there was an extra 'L' at the end

  2. Ha Ha Ha...the reason I'm laughing out loud and LOVE your picture, is for a month in Oregon with our little grandson, I was introduced to the cartoon Peppa Pig....and how they all love to jump in mud puddles. Thanks for the laugh and it is an adorable painting. Love it.

  3. Thanks, lissa, for letting me know about the link. I will see if I can get it fixed, and be more careful after this. The piece really didn't take too long, and was actually rather fun to do.

    Wanda, glad you had such a fun time with your grandson. We'll be spending some time soon with two of our grandchildren.

  4. This is super sweet.
    You did a very nice job tearing paper!
    The rough edges surely add to the charm of it.

    Thank you for your message on my piece. Now that you have mentioned Irish that might gladly influence my coloring of it.

  5. I used that technique in a tutorial for making a turtle design. I used in when I taught elementary school too. I love the effects you have made using the torn paper. lovely.

  6. I love what you have done here with torn paper!

  7. Great take on the theme, Joeks! Kids just love to play out in the rain. Red umbrellas seem to be a popular choice this week. I'm impressed that you tore the shapes without the aid of scissors. Nice!

    Btw, the link didn't work for me ether...went to your home page to find the post.

  8. Gosh that's really beautiful done from torn paper - you are very creative Joeks.
    Always thankful for paper and glue sticks - guess what we enjoyed as kids we often continue to love as adults.
    Personally I'm having a load of fun with my colored pencils!

    Mary -

  9. OK, Alexandra, clever girl, figured out your name so I hope you don't mind me using it here, Jolene. If you would rather I don't use it on the blog, I won't so just let me know! :)

    Anyway, my son and I were looking at work together, and like Linda's piece, were blown away that you did this with paper....which I SOOO love! Love to see different takes and mediums employed. The fact you did it all with tearing and now scissors makes it all the more impressive. GREAT take. Very creative indeed. Thank you so much for adding this to our picnic. I love it.

  10. I love torn paper work. You've really done a great job with this. What fun.

  11. Jolene, this is wonderful! And let me tell you just how much I enjoyed seeing your process. I NEVER think to step outside the box to create illustrations or art in this manner. Well done you. It's perfect. :)

  12. What a great idea. It turned out lovely. Thank you for sharing.