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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Scribble Picnic–Fairy

     I don’t often draw human (or "fairy"!) figures, but had to give it a try with this week’s Scribble Picnic theme.  I started with a couple of sketches as seen on the right below.  Our daughter-in-law chose a Tinker Bell theme for the nursery when our oldest granddaughter was born, so I switched to using the leftover material from making curtains for my fairy inspiration.  I debated staying with regular pencil, but decided T. Bell would be more recognizable in color.  (Note to self–get some quality colored pencils ordered!)  You can see the fairies others chose to draw by clicking on the links at this page.  I hated missing last week’s Lantern theme, but we took a trip to see some of the grandkids for a few days, then went on to spend several more days “touristing” in central and north central Oklahoma.  We quite often take a short trip of some kind in March, our anniversary month.  This year marks 34!


  1. HI
    I too am not confident in drawing figures but the more I do it the better it feels. Your fairy is lovely. Last week we were away with our grandkids in Disney Land. They came from Ontario Canada to Arizona. It was an 8 hour drive there, 6 back. We spent two days at Disney and 5 days to recover. But we had a blast and lots of memories. I did my lantern before going.

  2. I didn't even think of tinkerbell. sweet take on the theme.

    have a lovely day.

  3. Aww, I love your magical piece!


  4. I do love your cute little fairy.....I think she looks Disney, and that's all the fairies I really know.
    I love to draw people...but I've never done "fairies" I guess I drew a girl and added wings...HaHa...I think I better concentrate on boats. HaHa

  5. You did a lovely job on the Fairies theme, Joeks! While I like to draw people, mostly faces, I found this week's theme a little daunting as I've never drawn Fairies. All good practice though.

    Happy 34th Anniversay to you and your husband! No doubt you had a lovely time away.

  6. Awesome idea to use the fabric piece - and a very pretty one for curtains for a girl's room. Love your rendition of T. Bell!

    Glad your trip was fun - congrats. on 34 years - we are celebrating 52 in another week - and off on a trip in May.

  7. I need to start drawing again too. Someday.
    Love your little Tinkerbell.
    Reminds me of a different blog we shared.

  8. Tinker Bell is such a well loved and famous fairy. I bet she is thrilled you thought of her. Your sketches are charming.

  9. Ha, I never thought of Tinker Bell either, but what a good idea. Well done, Jo! Isn't she darling? no worries on missing Lantern--sounds like you had fun and we're jsut happy to see you here today instead. Some of us draw fairies all the time whislt others, never, like me! :) There's a first for everything and this art cooperative will definitely give you those. We can all grow together with it.

  10. Yay you for trying!! Keep it up. We all only get better the more we try. It's not always easy but you'll get there. Never give up. You've got a lovely talent here. :) Your version of Tinker Bell is SO cute. :)

  11. First, Happy Anniversary! I've always loved Tinkerbell. How nice that you had such a nice inspiration piece to work with. I love the blue flower too!