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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Let's Try This Again!

How could I let most of a year go by without posting anything? I have kept up-to-date reading several other people's blogs, but haven't done much commenting. I'll try to do better, as I know how encouraging comments can be!

So, over the last several months there have been a good number of family gatherings.

Andrew continued to grow.

The whole family pitched in to help Trina and Josh move in February.

Visited at Mom's several times. She went with us to the Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center in February.  Wish the photo wasn't so blurry.

Benny and I toured our newly refurbished state capitol building in Topeka. I'll try to do a separate post about that another time.

We took a trip to the Amana Colonies. That should be a separate post also!

In April I sang with the county community choir as we presented selections from Handel's Messiah. What a joy that was!

Look who learned to walk!

I lost something the end of May! Fifteen inches were chopped off, destined for Children with Hair Loss, a group that does not charge for wigs for children who need them.

In June we celebrated Andrew's first birthday!

I helped with VBS, which is always a fun time!

Brittany (DIL) and my sister-in-law and I went on a walking photo tour of our county seat the middle of June. Of course that resulted in many interesting photos, so I have my blogging work cut out for me with yet another potential post!

There's more to catch you up about, but I'll leave off here for now, with this shot of Andrew and me on the Fourth of July.