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Friday, December 16, 2011

And the Answer (finally) Is........


Yes, it's true (sorry Janet!)--in August B. and I took a trip to that definitely north of Kansas state.  Thank you to those of you who took time to comment and make guesses!

The "really big hint" in the previous post--that was Mount McKinley in the background.  You know--that really big mountain, the one that's the highest in North America.  But it's okay if you didn't recognize it.  I wouldn't have either, before our trip.

So, where do I begin to summarize a fantastic, two-week trip?  Obviously I can't publish all 755 photos!  Guess I'll try to break them down into categories.

Today I'll focus on Family and Friends that we were able to see.

 B's sister, L, lives in Soldotna, on the Kenai Peninsula.  She and her husband graciously picked us up from the airport in Anchorage, let us use their vehicle until we rented one, gave us a place to stay while in their part of the state, and basically treated us like royalty!

L went with us on a day cruise from Homer to the fun little town of Seldovia.  You can't drive to get there!

She bought a different variety of flower from one of Seldovia's shops right on the bay..... add to the MANY she has planted around their place.

One afternoon L's friend, C, had just finished giving a riding lesson, so she let me mount up for awhile.  It had been years since I'd been on a horse.  Thanks, C!

Here's B with the V family.  They lived just a couple of miles from us when the kids were little, but have been living in Alaska for a good number of years now, where they built their beautiful home.  It was so good to see and spend a bit of time visiting with B, J, C, K, and K!  Their other son, B, was away. 

Checking out one of Alaska's amazing rivers up close...

 .....and from far above, another one that had a completely different attitude!
L and B at the Soldotna visitor's center a couple of days before we headed home.

The next Alaska post I do (though not necessarily the next post) will include wildlife!