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Sunday, January 09, 2011

November Notes

Sadly, though not unexpected, the middle of November brought the day of a longtime friend's funeral. That horrid cancer cut her life short, but it was a life full of love for the Lord and for her family. We were roommates my senior year in college.
Louise, 1978

B. and I took some time to go to Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge.

On the way there, we crossed the bridge on the left to get from Kansas to Missouri, but it won't be used a lot longer, as a new one is being built. The railroad bridge on the right is still in use.

Those big brown blobs are muskrat mounds, which some of the birds apparently like to sit on.
These deer know they're safe here, even this close to the road.

I thought these reflections were neat.

It was good to have everyone home around Thanksgiving.

K and T fixing something yummy!

Some of the relatives enjoying dessert at B's sister's house.

Our dear Pastor C loves to travel, so in early November she planned a "mystery tour," which one other lady and I joined her for. I'll post about that next time!
: ) ?

Some September/October Stuff

Seven sweet kittens--do you see all of them?

A.'s prize-winning horseshoe pitching form.

Dahlia and cosmos by the barn.

T and M at her new place

T's first kitty, Spud. Only 5-6 months old here, I think he's going to be a Big cat!

We enjoy having friends over to fly kites. This looks much better if enlarged.
This is what's at the other end of those lines!

Our swing tree in October

Summer Summary-August

Worlds of Fun
When we bought the tickets ahead of time, who knew it would be the most miserably hot day of the summer? But we still had fun from opening to closing!
Anyone recognize this full row of feet?
Relay For Life
Relay always includes some interesting games.
Inside a wooden submarine that had really been used!
My husband, oldest brother, and son
It's a marshmallow gun!It works!
Yummy chicken/spinach/walnut/strawberry salad
Niece L. and her family
This demonstration was for explaining the idea of a space elevator.
Don't ask me!
Free Meals
We also continued helping our church fix and serve two free meals each summer month. (once a month the rest of the year) One time we gave a "learn to make a pie" session beforehand, and somehow I was drafted as "master pie maker" and got to lead it. This pie is actually one I made in September. Oh, and when I entered one in a contest in September, it did Not win any prize!