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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spring Blooms

I took photos of flowers.
I planned to blog.
It didn't happen.

But when I saw the asparagus was up and ready to eat, there was no doubt that Spring had happened, and I knew I'd better get something posted before it's suddenly Summer!


  1. I LOVE ascaragus!

    Pretty blossoms. My crocus crumpled when we had several days of unusual 80 degree weather. My hyacinths are just blooming now and soon the apple blossoms and lilacs will be popping out.

  2. Very colorful....Love the pink blooms

    We had asparagus for dinner tonight!

  3. Wow! I have never grown ascaragus. that is soooo cool. I have seen the ferns, but never a spear of it growing. You are a wonder to me.
    again that is sooo cool.