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Sunday, March 07, 2010


Done! Tomorrow morning, even though I may wake up at 6:30 like the alarm has insisted I do these past six week, I will not necessarily get up right away. Probably should just stay in the habit, but we'll see. ;)

Kindergarteners are an interesting age. Their emotions and words to match are always right there, ready to burst out, whether it's joy, anger, goofiness, hurt, pride, or whatever the current mood brings.
For the most part they are eager to please, but need oh so much guidance. I hurt for some of them, all of them actually. By the things some of them talk about, it is obvious that they have been exposed to SO much (not necessarily good stuff) early in their lives. It is refreshing to be around the 5-year olds who are just, well, 5-year olds!
These are a few of the "self portraits" I asked the students to draw for me on my last day with them. The artist of the one in the lower right told me, "The second person is you, and we're both wearing high heels."

I have to share an ah-ha! moment one of them had. A little girl was printing her name, when a lightbulb went on for her. She exclaimed, "I'm related to Monday! My name begins with M-o-n, too!" That kind of comment just makes my day!

Another thing that is a definite "day maker" is getting 22 sweet hugs to close out a long-term job!


  1. I just love the high heels!

    Hopefully...I will be working with kindergartners in the fall when I do my library practicum. I am looking forward to it!!!

  2. I also love the high heels since I'm thinking that you never wore them during your time there!

    Glad you had fun but know what you mean about the kids being exposed to things they never should be at that age.

    Enjoy your vacation time until your next subbing job.

  3. My favorite ages are probably 2-5. I love the things they say, the pictures they draw, and the way they are so willing to love me back.

    The drawings are a treasure.

  4. I do love to talk to little kids and get a little peek into how they reason things out. It's so cute to see their brains developing.

    It is sad that families don't seem to let kids be kids these days.

  5. This was SO cute. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Your have many memories to treasure!
    Thanks for sharing these.

  7. What a great post.. Little minds are the best!!! Thanks for sharing!

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  9. High Heels.....too cute. What great little artists, and can they hug or what?

    Love the story of the little girl's name related to Monday!!!