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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Summer Summary-July

Fourth of July picnic

Annual quilt auction at the church camp where T worked this summer.

Two mama cats and seven kittens--who cares whose is whose?

B, M, and I
went 650 feet straight down to tour
the underground salt museum at Hutchinson!
In addition to mining salt, it's used as a storage vault for old records from all kinds of businesses, as well as old films, and even props and costumes from movies.
If I remember correctly, it's a constant 68ยบ there.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Summer Summary-June

As briefly as possible, since we're well into Fall now......
June (after the wedding)

Most of the bridal party camped out at our place the night after the festivities.

Helped K and A with the easiest move they'll ever make. They had a few days in the smaller apartment she had lived in this past year, then were able to get a somewhat larger one just across the foyer in the same building!

A wind storm did a little damage, but elsewhere in the county some entire fields of corn were laid flat.

The top of the tree on the left couldn't have landed in a better spot--right on the woodpile!

This small grain bin won't be holding any corn or beans this fall.
Vacation Bible School was a "High Seas Adventure" as the front of the sanctuary was transformed into a sailing ship for the week.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Big Day

Time to finish posting about this wedding, don't you think?
(Thank you to my sister-in-law for the photos taken in the sanctuary.)

-Early morning at the church-
The hairdresser blessed us by coming there to save on extra trips into town!

-The girls-

-My two favorite girls and me-

-Filling in some extra time-

-The flower girl fixing a little snack before the ceremony-

-Pastor with B and my mom-

A's mom and I had the privilege of lighting the candles.

-The guys-

-Concentrating on their tasks-

-My dear B, with a serious job to do-

-Bubbles for the newlyweds!-

I just enjoyed the reception, so didn't take any photos of that. The hall was decorated beautifully with navy and bright pink, and included many fresh flowers from B's sister; my brother, P, did a great job of emceeing; everyone liked the photo booth; the food was delicious; and it was a fun, relaxed time with family and friends!

-Time for Mr. and Mrs. to leave the reception-

-But maybe not quite yet-

-At least not without a little help-

Best wishes, K & A, with prayers for a long and happy life together.
We love you!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Preparations, Pedis, Practice, and Posing

There was plenty to do the day before K & A's wedding. Everyone who was available was recruited to help set up and decorate at the reception hall. I didn't get a good shot of it when we were done, but had bright pink material draped across the middle of every other table, and navy in the middle of the others. We had hoped to have flowers from our garden to use, but the timing was wrong. Fortunately B's sister had plenty blooming in her garden, so she was able to add a vase of fresh flowers to each table the day of the wedding.

This is A's mom cooking pasta for one of the salads for the reception.

All the girls, including moms, stopped around noon for a pedicure session!

I don't think either of us had ever had one before.

Now I have! Kept it on for around a month.

In addition to toes, T had only the tips of her fingernails painted bright pink.

Had to send some of the girls out to bring back pizza before everyone was finished.

Later it was time for the rehearsal.

That was followed by a wonderful supper (thanks, L!), then stopping to pose for photos with the yard art scene created by B's sister.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Showers of Sweetness

K was blessed with several showers before the wedding, which of course always included yummy food being served!

That's chocolate cheesecake you see here!

After the shower at A's home church, we spent the afternoon making mints. This does not show the actual brightness of the pink mints, and the center ones were white not yellow, but the blue is pretty accurate. With these we didn't dare go any closer toward navy blue.

This homemade apron was a shower gift.

We made numerous batches of homemade ice cream to serve at the reception.

We also made candy for reception favors.

Each guest received a bag like this.

Yes--it took much time to make the candy, print and cut the cards, and fill and tie the bags, but we had some good help with the final evening of work putting together the programs and fixing the favor bags.

Peanut butter, chocolate cream cheese, and chocolate chip cookie dough centers!