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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The Long and the Short of It

Quite some time ago, I mentioned that I used to have really long hair. A commenter (Rachel?) said I should post a photo. So, here it is! This was probably about nine years' worth of growth. I cut it over Christmas vacation my junior year of college.
Here I am with the roommate who helped convince me it was time!
(She was right. Thanks, K!)
For the short, here's how it looked the end of May at daughter K's college graduation.


  1. Short is so much simpler and easy to take care of. I like the short better.

  2. Fun pics! Did you chop it all off at once or go shorter gradually? I think I've seen pictures of us together when I was a baby and you had long hair, but I don't think it was that long!

  3. At first it was shortened to between chin and shoulder length, but by summer it was definitely short. You're right, by the time B. and I married, when you were just about a year old, it was down to my shoulders again but just for a little while.


  4. I remember that hair! In fact I think there are pictures of you at our wedding with it!