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Friday, June 12, 2009

Quiet as a.......Siamese Cat?

This is Ching, our almost 8 year old Siamese cat.

True to her breed, she's always been a talker. People who don't know her or her relatives sometimes think she sounds grumpy or even angry. But really, she's usually only trying to have a conversation. It's just that her accent and volume are not like the squeaky mews they're used to hearing from other cats.
Monday morning when Ching greeted me I had to laugh. Her normal tone was noticeably absent. Yep--laryngitis! (I was thinking she overdid telling us all about it while we played ping-pong the evening before.) This has happened before, and she's usually back to her full vocal range in a few days. Well, here it is Friday, and still no voice.Otherwise she's acting normally, but something is obviously not right. I did finally phone the vet, but she was out of the office till Monday. Hopefully by the time she gets back to me, Ching will be trying to add her two cents to the call as usual.
Meanwhile, it just doesn't sound right around here.


  1. She is cute! I hope she is chattering away soon. judi

  2. What a beautiful cat! I hope she's okay.

  3. She is most beautiful...very sophisticated!!!

  4. Thanks for sharing your cat again.
    She does have personality!!