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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Hodge Podge

Stopped by for a brief visit with Uncle Neil on the way out to pick up T's stuff from college.
The liquid we saw in this truck made some interesting waves and splashes, especially as it slowed and turned.

This cross-eyed buffalo made me smile!

By the time we could mow the grass, it seemed like it could have been baled! And it was cold that day!

The roses were blooming nicely.

Hooray for ripe strawberries! We just don't have enough in our garden.

We do have plenty of cauliflower.

One of four scaredy-cat kittens!


  1. Hi Uncle Neil!!
    Nice to see him looking so good! K & J were there a couple of weeks ago too and said he was doing well.
    Congrats to your K on her graduation. What's next for her?
    Cute kitty photo. You know I'm a sucker for barn kitties!

  2. Hey, good to see ya! Thanks for stopping by, now I have a link to you again, somehow I lost it. But then again, I seem to be loosing more links in my chain of thoughts too. Like your new wallpaper and what a beautiful head of cauliflower.