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Monday, May 11, 2009

What to Say?

Official diagnosis--it was a malignant tumor on B's kidney. Notice the past tense. We are trusting that the freezing procedure (cryoablation) completely obliterated the cancer cells. No further treatment is expected, but follow-up will include yearly scans.
He was in the hospital Tuesday-Saturday, glad to be home. Now to get his INR (blood thickness/thinness) regulated, incisions healed, energy back, keep him from lifting anything too heavy, and then to keep him off the tractor for as long as he's supposed to!

Thank you for all prayers past and continued.


  1. Good luck keeping the man off the tractor!

    So glad to hear he is home and doing well.

  2. Wonderful news.....

    This freezing treatment I've nevr heard of.... modern medicine.

    You continue in my prayers, and thanks for all you love, concern and prayers for me.