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Monday, February 09, 2009

Man Purse?

The infection (the redness around a center area) on B's thigh is gone, but.... the center area itself, which had been just a darker area, actually got larger and necrotized (died off) so that it had to be surgically debrided twice this past week. After the last time, they put a "wound vac" on it. This machine totally seals the area, pulls out "stuff" that shouldn't stay there, helps with circulation, and just generally promotes healing of the wound. It stays on continuously, runs very quietly, and is in a portable bag. Imagine B. with a "man purse"! Maybe I can add a picture later. (added Feb. 12) We're told to expect some rapid improvement, though we'll still just take one day at a time.

As to what let the original infection get started, we will probably never know. It could have been a tiny scratch, a bug bite, a superficial blood clot, a tiny ruptured vessel, even an ingrown hair!
B's being on Coumadin seems to be a possible factor in how things progressed to where they are now, but again, nothing is really certain right now.

Thank you for your continued prayers. They are much appreciated!

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  1. Joeks ~ So sorry to read about B's infection... Will be praying for him.

    Thanks for participating in the little "letter" meme.

    Your Letter is "S" Have fun!