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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Soup's On!

My church circle, hubbies, and pastor had our annual Christmas caroling/fruit plate delivering on Sunday. Lovely weather this year. No bitterly cold wind. No ice. Hooray! And I think we stayed longer singing and visiting with some of the people, since we weren't miserable.

Afterward, everyone came to our place for soup, snacks, and visiting. Since we were hosting, I said I'd provide the soup, and then everyone else brought whatever snacks they wanted to bring. Now, I always volunteer to make chili for soup suppers, because I know I can make that. But now I was committed, so I found a couple of new recipes and plunged ahead.

The chili was as usual. Turkey noodle soup, with home style (but not enough time for homemade) noodles, turned out pretty good. And the potato soup was definitely thick and hearty, but tasted pretty good, if I do say so myself! I think I'll keep the recipes. Can't believe I didn't take a picture!

Now it's Christmas baking time, with more to come!

Crackle Cool Whip Cookies
Chex Party Mix
Pringles and Peanuts Candy
Chocolate Chip Bars
Come on over for a visit and a sample!


  1. Cool Whip crinkle cookies??!! and pringles and peanuts candy? Never heard of any such thing in my life! i think you'll have to post the recipes.

  2. What are cool whip cookies? It all looks good - esp the chocolate chip bars. mmmmm.