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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Live and Learn

Something funny happened happened on M's birthday earlier this summer. Can you tell what from the photo?Here's what happened.
We had been having a lot of cake, so to celebrate M's birthday, I decided to make his favorite--peach pie. Had filling in the freezer, so that was no problem. I "always" make my own crust, but for some reason had some store-bought ones in the freezer, so decided to use those. That might have been okay for a one-crust pie, but it didn't turn out so good for a two-crust. These crusts were smaller than what I usually make, so there wasn't room for all the filling. Even without using all of it, the filling bubbled over. At least the pan caught it, instead of making a mess in the oven. It was late, I was tired, and I had actually forgotten to cut vent holes or make any kind of design in the top. It didn't look right for pie, but oh well, it would still taste good.
The pie was done.
Time to celebrate.
Put the candles in so we can light them and sing "Happy Birthday!"
Oh no!
Quick, get them out!
Moral of the story--Wax candles don't hold up so good in hot-from-the-oven-pie!


  1. Sounds like an oops moment...

  2. LOL, I think we have all had our moments. But I bet it still tasted good.

  3. They don't work well in hot apple ceither! We did that on Allen's birthday one year.

  4. The crust wasn't too great, but the filling still was. Peach pie with fresh peaches, not those canned store bought ones, is the best. Even with wax. Thanks Mom, let's try again soon. :)

  5. I'll have to remember that! Lol!