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Sunday, July 20, 2008

100! and a mini-update

For some of you this is nothing, but this is Post Number 100 for me!

It seems like a long time since I've been here, but guess it's only been a week.
B had knee joint replacement surgery on Tuesday, so that has taken all my time this week. I mostly stayed at the hospital, since it's an hour away, so you can imagine how fun that was! Hey, but I had time, after I don't know how many years, to finally finish the afghan I've been working on. And even sent it with a neighbor to be entered in the county fair. Will post a photo when I get a chance.
B came home on Friday. Everyone told him how bad the early pain would be. Apparently they were right. :-(
To say the least, we're looking forward to the time when he can say that it was worth it!

T's FCCLA STAR event project earned her the chance to compete again this year at the national FCCLA convention, which was in Orlando, Florida this past week. She brought home a gold medal!

K is just about done with her summer camp job.

M works hard on the farm and with his various volunteer interests. (I plan to post wheat harvest photos, hopefully before too long.)

I've missed keeping up reading other blogs this week. Hope to catch up with you all before long.


  1. Poor B. I'd say kiss the boo-boo for me but I don't know him that well so just smile at it. :) Looking forward to your pictures of the afghan and wheat harvest. I was wondering about the wheat, no, seriously I was. I have missed your visits.

  2. Hope B is up and at'm soon!