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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Rusty & Dusty

Our county has a community band.
M plays his saxophone with it, and K plays her flute with it when she's home. Anyway, they wanted to encourage more people to get out their instruments, so each evening this week the director had a "Shake Off the Rust and Blow Out the Dust" band camp for anyone who wanted to refresh what they knew about playing an instrument.

So, this week I did something for the fun of it--I went to Band Camp!
Ching listened.......
but jumped up in my face to let me know she did not appreciate the fine sounds of my flute!
I usually send Ching and K.C. to the basement when I practice!


  1. So has Band Camp sparked a renewed interest in playing the flute or convinced you to give it up indefinitely? (Looks to me like Ching is enjoying the music.)

  2. I thought at first I'd have to give it up, but then K. fixed my flute and the notes came out like they were supposed to. (Thanks, K!) So yes, I'd LIKE to keep playing, but we'll see if that happens!

    Ching may Look like she enjoys it, but believe me, she does Not!

  3. We have friends who's dog howls everytime the husband gets out his guitar and sings. It sounds insulting...but actually he is very talented. The dog doesn't think so though.

  4. Very cute pictures with the cat...funny!