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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

May Events

T. graduated from high school on the 17th. Mom was here and K. was home from college, so we had an opportunity for a family photo the next day after church.
The next Saturday we played some croquet. (Summer has begun, even if not by the calendar!) Some of the cats were interested in checking out that round thing rolling across the lawn.Sunday evening, when we went to B.'s sister's to grill hamburgers and hot dogs, the sky looked like this.We about blew away when the front hit before we were done grilling! We had to finish inside with the broiler. Their neighbors (who were gone) have a dog who is afraid of storms, so she got to go inside too! She was a very well-behaved visitor.On Memorial Day, we went to a service at the church cemetery. Later in the day we helped take flags down from the military graves, which we had helped place last Wednesday. Didn't get a photo there, but it looked nice. The peonies are just barely starting to bloom, but there were iris.

We grilled again at home Monday noon.B. and M. got the corn planted this month, but there's been too much rain to get the soybeans in. It also makes it a challenge to mow some parts of the yard!


  1. Love the family photo, Jo! Looks like you had a wonderful weekend.

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  3. The pictures look very nice. I like the one of the family best. Is that your son? He looks a lot like you.

    Congratulations to T! Does she have plans for what is next?

  4. now i want a hamburger! those look tasty! glad to see yall are doing well. :)

  5. Nice little update. I like the family photo too and those burgers do look yummy!

  6. That is a beautiful picture of your family! It sounds like you have been spending lots of good time together.