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Friday, April 11, 2008

Project Progression Photos

And the winner is.... well,.... "grandpa phil" came the closest, saying the photos in the previous post were "Looking up through the roof (except the shingles are missing) from inside the .... garage?...chicken house? ... not your house, I hope!" Phil, you should have just said house, because yep, that's what it is!

Here's the before picture. You can't really tell, but the shingles had been needing to be replaced for a long time.
Finally we decided on a color--I did NOT want green again, B did not want black. We ended up with "Oxford Grey". The work crew tried to fool me with the sample brown one on top of the stack, but guess what--I can read! : )
The contractor measured and cut many sheets of plywood.
He did a great job making sure everything fit just right.
It was pretty exciting to watch the crew tear off the old roof, clear down to the trusses, on the older part of the house and garage!
Here's a "sky view photo" taken from the attic before the new plywood was nailed in place.
A LOT of dirt came down when the old roof came off, so we had covered as much of the junk, er.... treasures, in the attic with plastic as we could.If a section of the roof wasn't all done at the end of a day, they'd be sure it was covered with heavy plastic, just in case it rained overnight!
Oh, no! There's a big hole in the roof!
Imagine that....... it's just the right size to make a dormer!
Adding dormer windows on the south side of the attic will let in a lot more light up there.
Plus, it should let air blow through to the other windows so it'll be cooler in the summer now.
Ready for a window.
Hold on tight!
Ready for siding.
Now to paint the trim and under the eaves.
Voila! Great job guys!!!


  1. Thanks for the prize suggestion, Judi. But Phil, you didn't read the fine print... you came closest, but there was no actual winner. Better luck next time!

  2. Whew, that's just as well, considering the possible prize! :-)

  3. What? You don't like Hershey's kisses?

  4. That dormer looks great! It really looks like it really belongs...not just added.