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Monday, January 07, 2008

Update Deadline

I told some that I would post by Monday night. Yikes! That's tonight already!

The last couple of weeks I have thoroughly enjoyed spending time with my family. K was home on semester break, and of course T didn't have school either. B and M were mostly around--couldn't do much with all the ice (which is finally leaving, which means mud, but that's okay!)
The weekend before Christmas was at Big City Brother's.
He Who Has No Idea That His Sweater Stole an Ornament from the Christmas Tree While Taking Pictures.We had soup with B's side relatives at our house on Christmas Eve, before heading up the road for the 10 pm church service . Here's the youngest cousin "holding seven others."
Christmas Day was a leisurely day at home for the five of us.
"There must be something in here for me somewhere!""Whatever it was, I didn't find it!"
Mom was able to be here for a few days! It was also nice to see my Osborne and Newton aunts and uncles for a little bit when she was headed home.
We spent New Year's Eve playing games, this year at Friends Who Used to Raise Emus. Everyone headed out the door just after midnight.....
..........being SURE to traditionally "start out the new year on the right foot."
Then we went back inside for breakfast, even though we had spent the previous few hours eating leftover Christmas goodies.
Thanks for the puzzle, Jason. We finished it on New Year's Day. (It was NOT easy!)


  1. Gosh, some of those folks in your photos look vaguely familiar! We've grown up nicely haven't we? Guess those D Family Christmas get togethers are now replaced by E and W family get-togethers! We sure had fun back then. It's funny how cards, games and puzzles are still the activities of choice. Loved the pictures. Happy New Year to all of your family!

  2. We have a puzzle tradition also, but this year I was too busy to get in on much of the game.

    Your Christmas and New Year sound as busy and full of family as ours. I love all the smiling faces.

  3. Excellent work on the puzzle! Done by New Year's? Jason and I will have to look for something a little trickier next time. ; ) We sure enjoyed spending the holidays with all of you!

  4. My husband had a puzzle tradition growing up too. I love doing puzzles without looking at the cover of the box.

    The breakfast looks yummy but since I can't seem to get up early, I'll have to heat it in the microwave.

    Glad you had a nice Christmas, it looks like fun!

  5. The puzzle was done by New Year's ONLY because K and another college-age friend spent many hours on it! Trust me, Jill, this one was "tricky" enough!
    Kim-you don't have to get up early for this particular breakfast... just stay up late! It's served right after midnight!