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Sunday, December 16, 2007


Power! After six days without, we have power in our rural area! And T. "gets" to go back to school tomorrow. :-)

There have been crews from Texas and who knows where all helping get the lines back up. Today I heard the number of electric poles down in our two-county cooperative was more like 1300 than the 800 I mentioned before. We really appreciate the help everyone has given.

We all rely so much on electrical power. But there's a much greater power that we don't always remember to acknowledge. Thank you, Lord, for your wonder working power!


  1. how were you able to blog with out power?
    but yeah for power!!!!

  2. We have a generator (run by a tractor) that my husband and son hooked up. We would shut it down during the night.

  3. It's amazing what we take for granted until it's taken away, isn't it? Usually we go about our daily routines not even thinking about the power it takes to run everything.