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Monday, August 27, 2007

An Update

  • July
    • It wasn't our turn for a great wheat harvest. Happy for those in the western Kansas county where I used to live--their crop was super this year!
    • T took top gold in her project at FCCLA nationals! She spent the next week at our church camp (where K was a counselor this year.)
    • B entered two "old treasures" in the county fair, earning blue and red ribbons.
    • We helped some good friends load up and move/lost our best renters ever.
    • T went with a friend to the friend's church camp for a week.
    • K, for the first time in her twenty years, visited the emergency room and had to have stitches (seven on her chin) after bouncing too high on our teeter-totter! : o
    • Canned over 100 quarts of dill pickles.
  • August
    • We actually found a few days on the calendar available for all five of us, so took a short family vacation to Missouri.
      • Table Rock Lake-B's sister and brother-in-law were wonderful hosts, as usual, and we had lots of fun time on and in the water.
      • Worlds of Fun/Oceans of Fun-a great, though long, day. We ALL did the Ripcord this year! What was I thinking--180 feet up, with only one way down?! It was awesome!!!
    • My mom visited for a week! We took part in the Relay for Life, hung new dining room and living room curtains, got those rooms cleared of clutter just in time to host a neighborhood ladies group, and just had a good time!
    • T- started her senior year in high school!
    • K-headed back for her third year of college.
    • Had my church circle and hubbies here for (an indoor) picnic/farewell for our interim pastor.


  1. You are a busy lady ! Love the picture on skiis!
    Tell your mom hello for me.

  2. busy,busy,fun,fun....okay except the 180 ft up in the air...and possibly stitches.....but hey she made it what 20 years? that is pretty daughter didn't make it two before her 3 stitches.

  3. Wow, you've been having fun! That was some teeter totter ride. It makes for a good story though and I'm glad that K is okay. Better than tripping on the sidewalk or something boring like that.

  4. Hey, Janet--thanks for stopping by with a comment!

    t--hopefully your girl got all her stitches out of the way young

    kim--I did "boring" in grade school when I chipped off a front tooth on a sidewalk : )

  5. I chipped my front tooth (baby one) riding my tricycle down the steps into our garage. It rotted and took a very long time to fall out. Finally, my adult tooth took it's place. Then I fell at the swimming pool and chipped the adult one. I've had fillings of various kinds since then. About a year ago, I finally had a root canal and crown on it.

    Anyway, before I got off on the tooth, I was going to say that it sounds like you had a very busy summer.