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Saturday, June 23, 2007


Sad to say, the peas from our garden are pitiful this year. They're so bad they don't even get a photo : ) Guess they just knew they couldn't compete with the nice ones from last year. Hmm, I just looked back at July 19, 2006, and see they had a fence to climb. Maybe that made the difference.... but I think more likely it's been the weather.


  1. Sorry to hear that. One year I had a garden full of zuchini (literally, they took over), the next year, zip. We have had such a dry year up in MN that you have to water everything, every night. But we don't do veggies as our dog will eat them.

  2. That's funny (but too bad) about your dog and vegetables! Our Siamese cat likes to eat the peas we drop when podding them (when we have them).

  3. I love to eat veggies right out of the garden. Someday I hope to have one.