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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May Day-Lilacs

In my memory, May Day means lilacs. There was a huge lilac bush (anyway it seemed huge to me) growing by the front porch where we lived when I was in grade school. I'd clip off sprigs of it to fill May Baskets (Dixie Cups covered with foil, I think) to take next door to Mrs. Younger and across the street to Mrs. Matthews. Hang the basket on the doorknob, knock or ring a doorbell, try to hide, .....

When we moved to a bigger town, we still had lilacs, and also when we moved out of town.

When B and I got married, there were lilacs growing out back.

This year, for the first time I can remember, there haven't been any lilacs blooming nearby. The hard freeze in April took care of that. Ah well, next year they will be appreciated even more!


  1. I've heard that lilacs bloom according to the amount of sun in the daytime not according to temperatures. Ours are due to flower in mid-May.

  2. I love Lilacs. I could never have them before because my ex husband was allergic to them.

  3. I'd totally forgotten it was May Day until my 2nd grade piano student gave me a MayDay basket! Sure, it was just a piece of paper decorated with crayon, pencil, and kind of rolled together and stapled and taped, but it was so cute! And she even put some candy in it! It DEFINITELY made my day!

  4. Martha-the problem †his year was that the blooms were there, and just ready to burst open, when we had several freezing days in a row after it had seemed like spring was here. Good news--my sister-in-law has a bush that hadn't completely tried to bloom yet, so she got a FEW blossoms, which I thoroughly enjoyed seeing and smelling a couple of days ago! Enjoy yours for me when they bloom. : )

    k.-That's neat you got a basket! I didn't mention that we put small pieces of candy in with the flowers when I was a kid too.