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Sunday, March 25, 2007


Just like that, 24 years have gone by. Yep... it was a windy day 24 years ago (March 12) that B and I were married. Were you there that day? T. surprised us with a cake in honor of the occasion. (Thanks, T!)

Spring break, which started the 16th for K and the 19th for T, also went poof! Classes start again tomorrow. I'm not quite sure what happened to the week.... mostly the usual stuff, though a friend of K's visited for awhile, and we did spend one day in the Little Apple shopping, and eating!

Did you ever go fast food drive-through hopping? What? Never? You know..... get cheeseburgers at one place, but they don't have onion rings so order them at the place next door, then you need ice cream which is better at the next location! If you're going to spend the money on junk food anyway, you might as well get what you like, right?!

Random photos I took of old buildings nearby.

We're ready to start a round of Nerts! Stop by and join us!


  1. Hi Cousin-
    Bet you are surprised to hear from me! I've meant to write to you ever since you sent this connection on you Christmas/New Years letter. I've never posted on anything like this before so hope I can figure out how to send :)

    I certainly remember that day 24 years ago. I so wanted to come to your wedding but alas - Baby B was due any day (The baby will be 24 Friday!) Congratulations!

    PS You've got some great photos on your blog!

  2. That was a really random post...I liked it!

  3. Never heard of nerts. Could be fun. Hope your anniversary was wondereful!

  4. Happy Anniversary!
    I don't remember ever drive through hopping.
    Cool (some scary) old buildings.
    What's Nerts?

  5. Nerts is played like solitaire, except everyone can play on anyone's Aces stacks in the middle. Each tries to be first to get rid of their extra pile of 10 cards. That person ends the round by yelling "Nerts!" Scoring is based on number of cards played in the middle, less twice what's still in your pile of 10 . It can get pretty fast and competitive, especially with family members who have played it "forever"! Isn't that right, KC and St. Louis relatives?

  6. Competitive? You really think so?
    I don't know if I'd say that...

    I mean sure, there are a few shrieks and screams ("NOOoooooo! I've been waiting for that card the whole game!!!")

    And then you'll see the occasional mangled cards, the bruised knuckles, broken fingernails, paper know, the standard Monopoly type of injuries. : )

  7. I have played nerts before. It is very much like Dutch Blitz, only with regular decks of cards instead of the special set.

    I love playing card games. We haven't found any regular game players around here yet.

  8. Congratulations on your anniversary and your classic good taste.

    You are one of those rare couples that doesn't have an embarrassing photo of a wedding party decked out in powder blue tuxes.

    The random photos are great, too.

    Blather From Brooklyn

  9. Oh ... and put me down as another one who never heard of Nerts.

    Blather From Brooklyn

  10. I love the old buildings! Another drawing subject maybe?

  11. Tracy...I thought of Dutch Blitz too!

    Martha...I also thought it would make a good drawing subject.

  12. oh I have played nerts. it is really fun, I have not played dutch blitz.