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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Putting out the red carpet

With this post, I would like to say "Welcome" to any of you who are first time visitors, and "Thank you" to those of you who have been here before and have returned.

You never know what you'll find here. Like the heading says... this blog is "a possibility..... if I come up with the time and inclination to add anything that might be of the slightest interest to anyone." So what you find boring might interest someone else, but if you try again.... well..... you just never know!

We've started looking at carpet samples. The living/dining room carpet has done its duty, many times over, and it's time... make that way past time..... to replace it! After you look at so many samples, it gets hard to remember just what is what. We even ended up bringing home two sample books that are identical, just different companies! We certainly have not made a final decision. Should we go with something completely different? Or, I looked at one today that seemed to work, and then I realized it was almost the same color as what we've had all these years!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Let us pray!

Does anyone else still use a real tree for Christmas? Typically, soon after Thanksgiving, B and one or more of the kids will go out to one of the pastures, or along a fence row, and find a cedar tree that is just right for our Christmas tree. That's how it was again this year. The tree they brought in and set up even got more green as the days went by, drinking up a steady supply of fresh water. (Except the two cats drank a large bit of it. They loved the idea of a big bowl of drinking water being available "just for them" in the living room!)

As with all good things, it had to come to an end. This morning we took off the ornaments and lights, boxing them up until next season, and clipped off branches to make it easier to get the tree out without too much shedding.

Do you know what's cute? Finding a baby praying mantis on one of the ornaments as you're putting it away!

Do you know what's Not cute? Finding dozens of brothers and sisters of said "cute" baby praying mantis suddenly deciding to abandon the tree on which they hatched out and crawling onto the surrounding walls, windows and carpet! Yikes!!! Fortunately, we do own and know how to use a Kirby vacuum cleaner with hose attachment! But you can be sure I'll be scanning the area for days to come!