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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Only Her Hairdresser....

Yesterday (Friday)--No school! The 8 hours had been worked earlier in the week, when we had parent-teacher conferences for four hours after school on Monday and Tuesday. Talk about a couple of LONG days! And yes, even though, I'm "just the sub", I got in on them, since I had been in the classroom for almost as long as the regular teacher by then. We're down to seven school days before the regular teacher returns. I'll miss the kids, but not the part of feeling like I'm always behind--at school and at home.

Anyway, yesterday was the day that the church youth group (B. and I are sponsors) had planned to paint the wire fence at church. The morning was gray and cold, but by noon it was clearing off and starting to warm up, even if rather windy, so we proceeded with the project, finishing in about four hours. The fence looks GOOD now--nice and SHINY!

Someone's hair is turning gray. Or is it "chrome aluminum"??? Only her youth group knows for sure!!

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