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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

One down, five to go

A week into the job, and I'm getting used to the classroom schedule. But the knack of getting all those papers graded in a timely fashion hasn't come back to me yet. Ah well, they'll get taken care of eventually! This week is a bit mixed up--we go to the next town over for an "author visit" in the morning, then on Friday afternoon there is the homecoming parade. So, also tomorrow, we need to get a banner made for the class to carry as they walk in the parade.

I'm tired. And I need a haircut!


  1. How'd the parade go today?? Love you!

  2. The parade was good. The route is all downhill, and we had a beautiful day weather-wise. It was a full week, including a visit Friday morning by the regular teacher and her new baby, so by the time the week was all done, we (the whole class and I) were all ready for and needing a week-end!