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Saturday, September 16, 2006

A Little (Unwanted) Excitement

Today was the second day of the first "Great U.S. 36 Highway Treasure Hunt"--literally hundreds of miles of garage sales all taking place along Highway 36 across Kansas this Fri.-Sat.-Sun. No, that's not the excitement to which I refer in the title. Yesterday I subbed (for band-now there's excitement, but that's not what I'm talking about either) and T. had to work after school. So, we (B., M., T., and I) headed out this morning to see what we could find, which turned out to be not much. There weren't nearly as many places as we had hoped, and most of the places we did hit seemed to have been pretty well cleaned out (or else they just didn't have much to begin with.) People told us that yesterday was a really good day for them (next year we'll try to go on the First day), plus that the next town over had over 50 locations! We were thinking about heading on over there and giving that town a try, when B. got a call on his cell phone. Ready? Here comes the excitement.

The call was from our brother-in-law, who thought he smelled smoke at his house, and upon investigation found it to be straw bales on fire at the place about a quarter mile south of his place. He called us, because JUST north across the road from his bales is where we have two long rows of hay bales! Did I mention the wind today? VERY windy! The direction? From the south!!

Thank the Lord for volunteer firefighters and for good relatives and neighbors! By the time we could get there, the Axtell fire department was hard at work, and some neighbors were there, or arrived soon. Several brought tractors for moving the burning bales to where they wouldn't catch ours on fire. Fortunately the fire didn't start at the south end of the neighbor's row, so all that was lost were around 6 bales. It Could have been MANY more. The fire department was there for around three hours before they all burned out.

Cause of the fire? Probably lightning last night.

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