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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A Day in the Life of a Pea

The "Life" of a pea?!?! I must have been feeling a little green when I took these photos the middle of JUNE-on the 15th to be exact.
All of our Peas in a Row
Peas on the Vine
Picked Peas

The WINNER-11 peas in a pod!

Pass a Pan of Podded Peas, Please

Prepare to Be Blanched, Peas!

Peeze Ready to Freeze

The peaches, apples, and tomatoes were also GREEN that day.

We ended up putting around a dozen bags of peas, ten of cauliflower, nine of asparagus, and 25 (!) of broccoli in the freezer this year. Stay tuned for more exciting colors as the summer progresses....... b e y o n d the GREEN!

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