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Monday, June 12, 2006

Already So Soon!

Now aren't you impressed? It's only 4 days later, and here I am again. : )

Hey, Sarah Sisters! Welcome to my blog! You gals are awesome--I don't know what I'd do without the monthly boost of endorphins at our circle meetings! : ) And Kathy..... we are SO HAPPY for you!!!

The class I took in Kansas City was for hours toward keeping my teaching certificate current. Don't know if I'll ever get back in a classroom of my own, but don't want to let the certificate lapse in case I do. This class was called "Birth Order, Gender, and Creativity" for whatever it was worth! The Ottawa University classes are the way to go, for sure! They are compacted into 2 or 3 days, instead of dragging out all through a semester.

When class was over Friday, I swung over and got T. (and ALL her dirty camp laundry!) for a couple of nights at home. It was a joy to have her around, then on Sunday it was back to her junior counselor job. She hadn't seen Molly's new kittens yet.

Katie, can you you pick out TJ? (Tipper, Jr.)

Aunt Betty passed away the end of May. I remember fun times and good food at her home. When we visited Osborne relatives, I would stay there at the farm with my cousin, Janet, instead of in town with the rest of the family. That meant even more time Aunt Betty had to put up with our silliness!

Don't know if I had mentioned that we had a second setting of eggs. They hatched out right around T's birthday. This chick is called "Golden". We also had "Early Bird" (hatched 3 days before the others!) and Nerdy (an odd grayish color, and the other chicks really did seem to shun him.) They are getting quite grown now, hard to tell apart, and all settled in their chicken coop.

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